You can buy this downtown Orlando house for around 30 Bitcoin


While it's no doubt driven by a boom in population, Florida's housing market explosion is also attributable to a wave of hungry corporate landlords and hedge funds looking to grow their portfolios. Landlordism is so vile that even the daddy of capitalism viewed it as parasitic and monstrous.

Turning homes into financial investment vehicles was one of the most evil things this country ever allowed to happen and this recent unaffordability crisis is just those chickens coming home to roost. At the very least, this recent listing in downtown Orlando is being honest about it.

The home at 555 Peachtree Road is for sale for an exorbitant amount. Unlike many other similar listings in the Orlando area, they make the financialization of the home explicit, giving the option to pay in the volatile "currency" Bitcoin.

For around 29 Bitcoin (or $1.2 million) the home near Lake Concord could be yours. The interior is done up in boring tech chic, perfect for the sort of person looking to offload Bitcoin for a home. It's all greys, blacks and whites, a scheme that screams "I wore a black shirt and tie to every formal event from 12 to 27." If that's your thing (or you just find yourself crypto rich and want to splurge), the 4-bed, 3-bath is waiting.

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