This Winter Park house comes with a Kobe Bryant-themed basketball court


From the front, this Winter Park Mediterranean looks like any other. An unassuming semi-suburban home near a lake, like much of Winter Park's stock. But hidden in the backyard is the fan tribute to end all fan tributes: a half-court fully committed to the memory of late Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

The hints that you're dealing with a Kobe stan are dropped throughout the home, from the subtle purple jacket hanging near the sneaker collection to the not-so-subtle giant portrait of Black Mamba in the living room.  Nothing can prepare you for seeing the court proper however.

At the top of the 3-point line, the words Kobe are painted on the court. In each corner, Kobe's two numbers are painted. The portion of the home that butts up against the court is painted in Laker purple and gold.  The home at 1843 Barker Dr. is seeking $575K.

The listing is represented by EXP Realty.

Photos via Zillow.