This might just be the tackiest home on the market in all of Florida


Florida doesn't have much in the way of hillsides, but we have little boxes on lock.

The average neighborhood built in the last 30 years in the state is an ugly depository of superfluous wealth. Uniform McMansions march on in every direction, an Arlington commemorating the death of originality and taste. This home that just hit the market in South Florida is...not that.

While we wouldn't say the canalfront home at 2601 NE 36th St in Lighthouse Point shows taste, it's unquestionably an original. Vibrant colors fill every room and explode outward from the house, radiating out across a back deck that looks like a high-end splash park. The inside is awash in tacky art and fur rugs. It looks like Vegas. It looks like Earthbound. It looks incredible.

The 5-bed, 4-bath house is 4,359 square feet and not one inch of it looks like anywhere else in the state. The sellers are asking for $3.8 million.

Photos via Zillow.