This space-themed Kissimmee home comes with astronaut couches, SpaceX capsule


As Floridians, we all know that one person who takes space a little too seriously. The state is full of folks who never stopped looking toward Cape Canaveral after spotting their first launch, keeping tabs on every new development out of NASA or (more often than not nowadays) private space companies.

This Kissimmee home that just hit the market might just be their Valhalla. The massive vacation rental property is entirely unassuming from the outside but a step into the home reveals cosmic vistas, capsule-themed beds and loads of other space junk.

The 14-bed, 14.5-bath home features faux-molded couches, a prominent mock Space X capsule and whole wall murals of the outer limits. If you happen to be along for the ride, and not a galactic geek, the house also has a nice pool, an arcade and a bowling alley across its 8200-square feet.

The home is listed by Orlando Real Estate Consultants Inc.  and going for $1.7 million.

Photos via Realtor.