This Orlando lakefront home comes with a massive resort-style pool


Man wasn't meant to toil toward unequal ends. Some of us work all day with neither lake nor pool to dip in once we return home. Others? Well, they have a pool that looks out over their backyard lake.

So it goes with this Orlando home at 2304 Caribbean Court. The 4-bed, 4-bath sits at the end of a canal and against Clear Lake southwest of downtown. Every direction you can look from the home's backyard reveals more lake. But you could be forgiven for not taking in the entirety of the home's natural surroundings as the first thing anyone can see behind the home is its absolutely massive pool.

The giant pool is split into two sections by a concrete walkway that arches over the lovely blue water. Stand at the top and compare the clarity of the pool with the murkiness of the supposedly clear lake before diving in. The interior of the home is rather rustic and warm, with wood and stone ruling the day. But why would you spend any time inside?

The home is represented by Emilio Cardenal with Interinvestments Realty. The sellers are asking for $800K.

Photos via Realtor.