This Orlando-area, dinosaur-themed vacation rental takes tourists back to prehistory


Very few folks come all the way to Florida to visit Dinosaur World.

The Plant City stalwart of  roadside weirdness is just too far out of the way for the I-Drive cohort, who prefer to stick to the River Rapids and the Lake Buena Vistas that they're used to. Lucky vacationers no longer have to choose between getting prehistoric and making time for EPCOT. A new vacation rental in Davenport brings the Jurassic period to them.

This 8-bedroom vacation rental in Champion’s Gate Resort community is fully themed around the fauna of Earth's distant past. Themed bedrooms come complete with dinosaur sculptures and murals. Guests can choose to sleep in a field of nests, inside a bed made to resemble a cracking egg. Other rooms offer a night's rest inside a dino skull or a bunk bed in a forest canopy, complete with snacking herbivores. The common spaces tone down the thematic elements just a little, but a quick look at the side tables, centerpieces and knick-knacks keeps a digsite vibe alive.

The experience comes via Loma Homes, a vacation rental company that has made a name for itself with extremely themed properties. Elsewhere in the Orlando area, they offer themed homes for fans of outer space, the ocean and wizardry.

<i>Photos via Loma Homes</i>.