This metallic Florida mansion is built for the zombie apocalypse


While a lot of Florida's oversized and bulbous homes are questionable, that typically comes down to a matter of taste. It's rare to come across a home that inspires a genuine "huh?" This metallic Altamonte Springs mega-home is a genuine stumper.

The glaring mansion at 224 Maison Court is built to ride out the specific zombie apocalypse in a graphic novel for teenagers. It's a sprawling slab of concrete surrounded by a gun-metal gates and ringed by massive garages that can house as many as 10 cars. The interior is suitably mechanical, bringing the auto garage aesthetic of the outdoors into the living space.

Though the home largely has the vibe of a Trump-supporting burger restaurant, it does appear to have solar panels to power the home. (They should get some energy out of the heat they created with all that concrete.)

The listing describes the 3,754 square foot home, currently owned by a family of former UCF basketball players as a "fortress of masonry, with concrete block & steel construction that will stand the test of time or Florida hurricanes." It boasts five bedrooms and four baths, a second master suite and a massive unfinished building to be completed by whoever finds the end-of-the-world optics charming.  They are asking $1.5 million.

Photos via Realtor.