This historic Mount Dora home comes with a hidden cellar to ride out the apocalypse


Folks in Florida no longer need cinematic aliens to bring them visions of the end of the world. It comes to mind every time we read a new report about rising sea levels. It comes to mind every time we hear that saltwater is creeping in to our aquifers. It comes to mind every time we have to see Ron DeSantis' piggish little face.

We'd like to think that a fallen Florida would lead to a new age of cooperation for survival. But we know enough about the actions of the no-necked transplants who now call Florida home to see this as a fantasy. If a selfish apocalypse is upon us, this Mount Dora home may just be the space to wait it out.

The charming, circa 1925 home at 831 N. Grandview Street is outwardly end-of-the-world ready, with a metal roof and second-story windows keeping the interior cool and a lovely back deck to catch the breeze. However, it's the hidden cellar off the master bedroom that makes this home a real survivalist treat.

Wait out the roving bands of marauders and resurface to a home that boasts stainless steel appliances and treated windows. The home is listed by Michelle Lowe of Dave Lowe Realty and the sellers are asking for $449K.

Photos via Zillow.