This historic home in downtown Sanford is perfect for an urban farmer


We've all had the desire to just check out. Get a plot of land, some animals and some seeds and just try and make a go of it. What keeps us tied to the 9 to 5 typically is either a lack of ability or a lack of desire to be out in the sticks.

While it won't give you a green thumb, this historic Sanford farmhouse has the latter covered. The early 1900s home is close in to what is now downtown Sanford and zoned agricultural due to its past life. Pens in the backyard and plenty of space make the home perfect for any would-be goat, chicken and rabbit raisers.

And unlike many Central Florida ranch and farm homes, it's not some ugly tract home blown up to match its open environs. The 4 bed, 3 bath has kept a ton of its historical charm over the last century-plus.  They're asking $399K to get the dream started.

Photos via Realtor.