This Florida ranch comes with a Benghazi-themed airsoft field


In the wake of over half-a-million coronavirus deaths on their presidential watch, even the notoriously stubborn GOP has moved on from their endless relitigation of Benghazi. But what if we were to tell you there's a Central Florida property where you can live out Benghazi forever?

Okay, okay. We can tell that's not a selling point for some (or even most) of you. But what if we said there's also a Vietnam and a World War 2? No dice?

We'll come right out and say it. This $3.8 million DeLand ranch is home to an Airsoft business with battlefields styled after different scenarios. Elsewhere, the 160 acre ranch includes land for cattle, barns, an indoor shooting range, 12 hunting towers, wooded trails  and multiple stocked ponds with several different types of fish. The massive property is fully surrounded by national and state forests while still being a short drive from town.

The listing is presented by Michael Crosby of Crosby Realty.

Photos via Zillow