This Florida home comes with a massive, handmade cat jungle for $275K


Everybody loves their pets but some people love their pets.

We're talking matching outfits love. Let them lick them on their face love. Turn over half of their home in service of a handmade cat jungle gym love. While we can't say if the owners of this Hollywood, FL home did the former, we know for a fact they built the latter.

The house at 1419 S 24th Ct  is something like 60% cat climbing course. Much of the living space has been sacrificed for a multi-level tower that leads to shelves near the roof. Chutes coming off of the tower carry the cats through what would have been a nice view into a sitting room. There are two recreation and living rooms for cats in this home and only one for people. The one for people appears to be guarded by a statue of Yoda, perhaps the cats fear him.

The homeowners are willing to part with the home and leave the custom-built climbing course for any future cat lovers who might want it. They are asking $275K for the 2-bed. 1-bath, unknown number of cats home. While that's nearly triple what it last sold for in 2013, can you really put a price on...whatever this is?

Photos via Zillow.

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