This Cold War-era home for sale in Maitland has exposed-block walls and a bomb shelter


It isn't every day that a historic house designed by Manfred Lopatka hits the market, much less one in nearby Maitland. Built in 1962, this one-of-a-kind, Cold War-era home comes complete with exposed-block walls, terrazzo floors, a courtyard and a bomb shelter. The kitchen is centered in the home, with counter seating and room to expand for large dinners. Plus it has lots and lots of right angles.

Named the Castleberry House for its first residents, the home has four bedrooms and two bathrooms within 1,676 square feet, but the inside space appears to wind seamlessly throughout the whole plot of land, thanks to enormous glass walls. It's elevated, giving the open-floor-plan house some privacy from its Dommerich Estates neighbors. There's even a creek that runs through the backyard, feeding into Lake Minnehaha a block away.

Currently for sale by the owners, who are also renovating the property, the home's selling price is $439,900.

"It was my mother who imagined this house. A native of Chicago and a journalist by vocation, she loved the modern style," said one of its original inhabitants, Brett Castleberry. "When we moved in, we discovered that the neighbors had speculated that the bomb shelter, which was located in the middle of the house and accessed by way of a flight of stairs from ground level, was going to be an indoor swimming pool. I always wondered what we would do if there was a nuclear war and they wanted to come into the shelter."

It's mid-century modern meets Minecraft, and we can't get enough of it!

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