This $680K Altamonte Springs home is also a fully functional yoga retreat


In this age of homes as financial vehicles, a trip through Zillow can really sap the soul. Straining to figure out why a 2-bedroom home with decades of damage is going for $500K can put a crick in your neck.  Luckily, this Altamonte Springs property has the answer to both problems. Not only is the reasoning behind its high sale price immediately obvious, it's also built as a full-on yoga retreat.

The home and ashram was the Kundalini Yoga Center for decades and much of the home is still ready to serve as a monastic getaway. The home is surrounded by high walls that close in a contemplative garden and pool. Winding paths run throughout the small lot, whose size is cleverly hidden by mature landscaping.

The main room of the 5-bed, 4-bath home at 400 Center Street is the most obvious indicator of its former life, with paintings and wide open spaces marking it as a place for classes and speeches.

The home is going for $680,000.

Photos via Zillow.