These charming ’70s and ’80s photos show Disney World in a simpler time


The true power of Disney is nostalgia — some of it manufactured by Imagineers, sure, but some of it absolutely genuine. Pretty much anyone who visited Disney World and EPCOT as a kid is hooked for life, and is probably still visiting the parks — only now, with their own kids. These photos from the 1970s and 1980s collected by the Florida State Archives show how much Disney looks the same, and yet, totally different. Looking through these sometimes-blurry snaps with their vintage color and throwback fashions (big ups to the lady in the terrycloth romper and Candies) feels like spying on somebody's photo album, and the goofy joy of just being there still comes through.

Also, for the true WDW fanatic, there are a few shots in here that would make perfect phone wallpapers — may we suggest slides 2, 25, 48 or 130?

All photos via the Florida State Library and Archives.

| Photos by Florida Memory