This historic Colonialtown cottage comes with a modern apartment out back for $649K


If you've been looking at Orlando real estate recently, you've likely asked "who can afford this?"

The skyrocketing prices in the Orlando metro and elsewhere have fully eviscerated the concept of a starter home for anyone who doesn't want to live more than an hour away from the city we call home. A solution for many is to play the game: become a landlord and use another person's money to help you afford your own place. That's certainly the story that this Colonialtown cottage asking a whopping $649K is pitching.

The circa 1926 home is stunning in its own right, seemingly opened up a bit by renovations to allow bright living and kitchen spaces. The setback porch and manicured lawn offer a good bit of cozy living to someone with the cash. The two-bedroom cottage out back is apparently already occupied with a tenant from month-to-month.

If one well-off and principled Orlandoan felt like doing their part to break the cycle, the home is available for purchase and we're sure an aging family member or hard-up friend would love to have their own place. As one astute Twitter user put it, "landlords provide housing like scalpers provide tickets" and what good is having the 20% down payment on a $650,000 house if you can't throw a small wrench in the metro's endless rent crisis? The listing is represented by Trisha Deokinandan of Keller Williams.

Photos via Realtor.