Super Bowl inspiration: 21 delicious football stadiums built out of snacks


Super Bowl Sunday is beloved not just by football fans, but also by anyone who loves to eat — this is the day that snack food comes out of the between-meals ghetto and takes its rightful place as the main attraction. Deflategate is still uppermost in the minds of many, but we couldn't think of any snacks that would accurately reflect that scandal (a fallen soufflé? Maybe a stale batura?); whereas halftime talent Katy Perry brings to mind any number of cupcakes, lollipops and other whipped-cream delights, but you don't need any help with those. No, this year we're falling back on a classic: the snack stadium. But building a snack stadium (or "snackadium," if you will) is not something you do on a whim. If you're going to tackle this tasty project, browse these images first for inspiration.