Sunbathing animal: Photos from Parquet Courts, Soda and Merchandise in Gainesville


When Parquet Courts announced Florida dates and none of them included Orlando, I knew I was either going to Gainesville or Tallahassee, because Sunbathing Animal rarely left my record player last year, and Content Nausea is still in regular rotation, and that's the double dose of empathically rad records released in a single year that led Grantland to dub them "The Last Great New York Band." Since it's closer and I have roots there, I opted for the Gainesville date at the Wooly, also featuring Soda and Merchandise. I regretfully missed Soda because there were technical difficulties with ticketing, and the line for the Wooly was a daunting thing when I first arrived. But inside the massive venue wasn't packed to capacity, and the lively crowd that made it out was ridiculously appreciative, calling out requests desperately during Merchandise's dramatic dance of a set (they confess, most of the old songs are too long to perform live) and bouncing energetically to rival the non-stop force of Parquet Courts, who rarely paused between songs, ripping through eclectic tracks that span their already-notable discography. - Ashley Belanger

Worth the Drive: Parquet Courts in Gainesville

01/30/2015 | Photos by Christopher Garcia