‘Sims 4’ recreation of Orlando’s Parliament House will make you nostalgic for woohoo long past


The rapid development all across Florida gives no nevermind about your memories. Plenty of iconic Central Florida locales have been closed, paved over and otherwise destroyed in service of a newer, richer influx of Orlandoans.

So it goes with Parliament House, the legendary gay resort and motor lodge along Orange Blossom Trail that closed last year. However, Orlando has more than a few capable gamers and modders, willing to recreate the past virtually for those who would like to stop into places that don't exist anymore. In particular, one Sims 4 player has made a habit of creating iconic Orlando hotspots in the video game.

Reddit user AeviDaudi previously made digital versions of Spacebar and (still-open) Tanqueray's. Following an overwhelmingly positive response from that initial share, they made Latitudes and Chillers digitally. However, Parliament House might be the most ambitious recreation yet.

With the help of other Orlandoans, who provided floor plans and reference photos, they crafted a pared-down resort complete with era-appropriate music. The resort's multiple bars, theater, pool area and (of course) rooms are all lovingly recreated. For folks who play The Sims 4, the resort is available by searching Aevi_Daudi on the game's online gallery.

"I tried my absolute best to be as accurate as possible!" they said, noting the version of Parliament House was a work in progress. "Due to Sims 4 limitations, I had to condense a lot of the resort. Some areas are smaller than they were in real life - or missing - depending on what was needed."


All screenshots via Reddit/AeviDaudi.

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