Publix employee memes reveal what they really think


Lakeland-based Publix is a multi-billion dollar company. In its 2018 annual report, the employee-owned grocer giant reported higher earnings than Nike, with a massive $36.1 billion in revenue. So, while that certainly is a lot of chicken tender Pub subs, there's also more than 200,000 Publix employees who make "shopping a pleasure" on a daily basis.

Of course, a billion dollar company is bound to have a billion problems, and many of those end up turned into meme's on the popular Reddit page r/Publix, where over 10,000 users, many of which appear to be active employees, vent about customers, managers, hurricane cakes, people who don't bring their carts back, and everything in between.

The page is without a doubt the best window into what's like to work at Publix without wearing a name tag.

And, not only can you learn about the inner workings of the company and its army of employees,  you can also learn a little bit about yourself. Are you one of those people who never brings your cart back? Do you talk on your phone while checking out? Do you refuse to leave at closing time? Do you acknowledge employees' existences? Well, you may have been turned into a meme at some point.

What you'll find here is a series of meme's from current and former Publix employees and how they feel about everyone and everything.

Photos via Reddit