Promo: Photos of the delicious dishes served at White Wolf Café


White Wolf Cafe & Bar is an award-winning, gourmet bistro serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. The restaurant started as a dream in August of 1991 when they opened their doors as an antique store. The White Wolf Café is named for Casper the white german sheppard that was a faithful companion in the antique store days. Over the years, they blossomed and transformed into an eclectic restaurant known for their unique decor, creative menu items, and warm staff. None of this would have been possible without the loyal patronage of community members and the hardworking nature of their wonderful staff.  Owners Michael and Anne Marie Hennessey are often on site with a warm welcome for new guests and old friends alike.

They are proud of their location in Ivanhoe Village, a hip and bohemian district known for its colorful artist community. It is a quaint, antique area only minutes away from downtown Orlando, Winter Park, and many shops and services, including bike shops and local wine bars. They are committed to this community, which has adopted them as one of its own. Over 25 years, they have earned a cherished place in Orlando's heart. Come out and try their delicious food today!

| Photos by Rob Bartlett

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