Everyone’s sharing photos of the Pink Supermoon over Florida


Supermoons are always something special (and not just because they flood some of our low-lying towns). Even in the Year of our Lord 2021, there's something arresting about the moon looking really, really big.

The first supermoon of 2021 came during the pink full moon on April 26, sending stargazers, shutterbugs and people who just wanted to vibe outside to stare up at the heavens. Because it's 2021, that also led to a ton of photos of the moon going up on social media. Were we in a more crotchety mood, we might lament all these people snapping photos rather than enjoying the moment. But we're feeling pretty good (blame it on the moon), so we'll say it's kind of sweet that all these people immediately felt the need to share what they were seeing.

If the photos make you sad that you missed the supermoon over Florida, don't worry. You'll get another chance. The next supermoon is only a month away, on May 26. In some places it will coincide with a lunar eclipse, meaning it will be big and red, perfect for any goths with camera equipment.

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