Photos from Florida’s mysterious, and abandoned ‘UFO House’


No abandoned site in Florida has had more rumors surrounding it than the legendary "UFO House." Located in Homestead, Florida, the saucer-shaped building has been said to be owned by a mob boss, a nudist colony seeking isolation, and just about anything else you think of. All we do know, is that actual information on this place is scarce.

According to Abandoned Florida, property records say it was built back in 1974. There's also similar building in Plantation, Florida, which was built in 1977.

The house Homestead,  was built with two separate units, that each had their own bathrooms and even kitchens, and was connected by a walkway.

Unfortunately, the building was demolished back in 2013.

To learn more about the "UFO House" and other cool abandoned spots in Florida, check out David Bulit's book Lost Miami:Stories and Secrets Behind Magic City Ruins. 


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