Photos of the 2018 Orlando Women’s March at Lake Eola Park


Thousands of people flooded Lake Eola Park on Sunday for the 2018 Orlando Women's March commemorating the first-year anniversary of the largest political protest in U.S. history.

During Donald Trump's inauguration last year, the Women's March on Washington inspired millions around the world to stand up for the rights of women and other marginalized communities – even as a man who once said he grabbed women by the pussy was sworn into the presidency.

The Trump administration turned his insults into policy by removing protections for immigrants, targeting transgender people and giving white supremacists the benefit of the doubt. Despite an absolutely awful year, there have been some bright spots – the #metoo movement that encourages survivors of sexual assault and harassment to call out their abusers is one of them.

In Orlando, speakers focused on intersectional feminism and urged women to run for office themselves.

"We need to bust those doors wide open," State Rep. Amy Mercado, D-Orlando, told the crowd. "Forget glass ceilings – rush the doors."

January 21, 2018