20 pics from Paul Kwiatkowski’s book ‘And Every Day Was Overcast’ and the Superchief gallery opening party (NSFW)


We recently reviewed Paul Kwiatkowski's debut novel, And Every Day Was Overcast – you can read that review, "Growing up bored and high in Loxahatchee," here. His publisher, Black Balloon, describes the book thus: "In a volatile alchemy of photography and fiction, Paul Kwiatkowski invokes the delinquent magic of his chaotic adolescence. ... Out of South Florida’s lush and decaying suburban landscape blooms a first-person, illustrated novel of vision and vulnerability. Drugs, teenage cruelty, wonder, and the screenflickering worlds of Predator and Married . . . With Children shape and warp the narrator’s developing sense of self as he navigates adventures and misadventures, from an ill-fated LSD trip on an island of castaway rabbits to the devastating specter of HIV and AIDS."

So yeah – it was pretty much right up our alley. This gallery contains images from the book interspersed with pics from the book's "Miller High Life-soaked" opening party at Brooklyn's Superchief gallery. Huge thanks to Jennifer Abel Kovitz, Arv Dilawar, Ryan DeShon and of course Paul Kwiatkowski. Toad venom and Arizona iced tea for everyone!

| Photos by Paul Kwiatkowski, Bryan Formhals, Edward Zipco and Booki Powell