Nancy Pelosi did not buy this $25 million Florida mansion


There's so many real things to be angry about if you are living in the United States.  And yet, conservatives of the internet remain permanently pissed off and sweaty over slights they made up in their own head.

As one of many octogenarian impediments to change we've trusted to run our burning planet, there are many problems with Nancy Pelosi. Her purchase of a Florida mansion for $25 million isn't one of them, particularly because it never happened.

A sale of the mansion on Jupiter Island at 429 S. Beach Road is pending, but the House leader is not involved in any way.

“I have no idea where the rumor started in regards to Nancy Pelosi,” listing agent Beth Bourque told “I keep saying I can’t disclose who the buyer is, but it’s not Pelosi.”

Rob Thompson, who represents the unidentified buyer, told the Palm Beach Post that there are no ties between their client and Pelosi.

"There is zero association between the seller of the home, the buyer of the home and Nancy Pelosi," he said, adding that the buyer already lives in the area.

Definitely some nice digs to not be the US House Representative from California's 12th district in, though.

Photos via Realtor.