Look inside Donald Trump Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle’s just-purchased $9.7 million mansion in Jupiter


Shortly after selling his Mar-A-Lago-side estate for far less than the asking price, Donald Trump Jr. purchased a waterfront mansion in Jupiter for $9.7 million with the help of girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle.

DJTJ picked up the mansion for a steal, getting it for $10 million less than the initial asking price. The 11, 270-square foot home sat on the market for nearly four years. whittling down the initial ask from $19.9 million to the more-manageable price a shade below 10.  The house features six bedrooms, five baths and a further six half-baths. The house is done up in a style familiar among South Florida elite: all-white everything, a simulacrum of cocaine chic with all the charm of a coffee chain.

Luckily, this broken up on the home's exterior with a nice clump of ivy and the outside seating areas are almost nice enough to forgive the fact that the neighborhood is called Admirals Cove. To the architect's credit, the home does seem to engage with the fact that its in Florida in the midst of natural beauty and pleasant weather. Nearly every room features large windows offering views out over the water.


Photos via Realtor.