Keep Orlando [blank]: A dozen hashtags that sum up Orlando counterculture


Many cities end up with similar-sounding slogans like "Keep Austin Weird" or "Keep Portland Weird" that are intended to motivate local counterculture and keep small businesses thriving in cities whose organic neighborhoods become threatened by the encroachment of national franchises. In Orlando, some local blogs like the Orlandoan have come up with their own slogan, #OrlandoDoesntSuck (which is often criticized as "too negative" but it has the most steam), while others use slogans to directly promote themselves, like comedy showcase Orlando Is Tight with #OrlandoIsTight. Months ago, we found ourselves invited to a Public Group on Facebook, "Keep Orlando ____," that's playfully devoted to inventing a new slogan for Orlando. We pulled some of our favorite phrases dropped here. What phrase or hashtag do you think best encapsulates the culture of Orlando? Let us know in the comments.