Humans of Artlando


Yesterday at Orlando Weekly's first-ever Artlando event, a massive celebration of our local arts and culture scene, local photographer (and OW contributor) Robert Bartlett volunteered his time to document some of the people who came to participate in the event. We asked people to give us their first names and to make one simple statement, either about themselves or about why they appreciate art. We've assembled them into this gallery, which we're calling Humans of Artlando (with our appreciation for and apologies to the creators of the "Humans of" concept, Humans of New York). – Erin Sullivan


**We did our best to keep names and statements lined up with your photos, but due to a bit of rain-related chaos, it is possible that we have transposed a name or two along the way (we are, after all, only Humans of Artlando, too) – please email Erin Sullivan at [email protected] if you catch a mistake, and we'll correct ASAP. Thank you!

09/27/2014 | Photos by Robert Bartlett