Florida’s historic Beasley House, with entirely upgraded interiors, is on the market


This historic, three-bedroom home in Sarasota's Whitfield Estates neighborhood is known as the Beasley House, and is believed to have been designed by famed Atlanta architects Pringle and Smith – the same designers behind the Orange Blossom Hotel and the Sarasota Terrace Hotel, currently serving as  the Sarasota County Administration Center.

The house is on the National Register of Historic Places, but the inside includes every available modern touch. It was built in 1926 on a third acre of land just a few steps from Sarasota Bay. The house has two and a half bathrooms, with a completely renovated kitchen and master bathroom, a new HVAC, and a total replacement of every window. throughout. The plank wood floors have been maintained, as have the paired Doric columns, antique iron fixtures and crown molding. The living areas feature elevated ceilings, wood burning fireplaces, a loggia and conservatory, and multiple terrace views. It even has a heated courtyard pool and detached three-car garage.

The listing is held by Lisa Kartz, with an asking price of $775,000. She says the perfect buyer is someone who "appreciates the grandeur of the '20s and the workmanship of the roaring '20s."

The Mediterranean Revival home is much more spacious than other homes of its era, and the annual HOA fees are just $35, which includes dining membership with the historic Sara Bay Country Club, and access to one of the oldest golf courses in Florida.

"It is absolutely like stepping back into the 1920s. It has been maintained and restored to what we think would be how it originally was."

All photos via Realtor.com