Final photos from Total Bummer 4EVER 2013


Total Bummer 4EVER took over Mills 50 this past weekend, hosting 60 bands at five venues during the 4-day event.

Here are some pictures from Friday and Saturday featuring: Lord Scrummage, Michael Parallax, Trails, Jamaican Queens, Japanther, Helado Negro, Levek, Alligator Indian, Cats in the Basement, De Nada, Marble, Moon Jelly, Ruddyp, Slufter, the Dewars, Dakota Bones, Yyu, Emily Reo, Out Go the Lights, Farms, Ghost Fields, Spies on Bikes, Surface to Air Missive, Javelin, Saskatchewan, Meth Dad, Fortune Howl, Used Rugs and XXYYXX.

| Photos by James Dechert