Everyone we saw and all the best signs from Orlando’s ‘No War with Iran’ protest


Amid uncertainty and anxiety over Iranian-American conflicts, public officials and locals stood in solidarity outside Orlando City Hall on Thursday evening, protesting against further violence or war. The group of demonstrators cited the ineffectiveness of war and the dire importance for diplomacy as reasons to stand against further escalations. Many also stated it was important to show resistance against the inconsistent and volatile leadership that has led to rising xenophobia.

The speakers and attendees at the protest focused strongly around the ongoing travel ban affecting Iranians and on the recent issue at the U.S.-Canada border, where around 200 Iranian-Americans were detained for hours, harassed and questioned, before being allowed passage back to their homes in America. The protest had a final total of over 100 attendees and lasted about three hours. Some of the folks participating looked committed, others angry and indignant, many looked happy to have their voices heard, as cars passing by honked their horns in support.

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| Photos by Maya James