Earth angel: Photos from the Sh-Booms’ Enchantment Under the Sea of Soul


Last night, Will's Pub was decked out with tinsel and Back to the Future nostalgia when the Sh-Booms and DJ Kittybat hosted Enchantment Under the Sea of Soul to a packed house at Will's Pub. The eggnog flowed, there was dancing, and guest vocalist Richard Sherfey (Richard Sherfey and All God's Children) kicked things off with a sincerely righteous cover of "Johnny B. Goode," followed by a sweet duet with Sh-Booms vocalist Emily Patterson on "Earth Angel" (see video below!), who carried vocal duties the rest of the night in that triumphant, soulful, commanding way we love and expect from the Sh-Booms' shows. The seasoned Sh-Booms are a memorable local force, proving once again that in Orlando's "sea of soul," they're still the big fish in the pond. - Ashley Belanger

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The Sh-Booms host a Back to the Future-themed dance party

12/18/2014 | Photos by Michael Lothrop