A new hope for creatives: Photos from the Melrose Center grand opening


On Saturday, Feb. 8, the Orange County Library System officially opened the Melrose Center to an eager crowd of Orlando residents who couldn't wait to check out some of the emerging technologies the center holds, including a photography studio, a video production studio, an audio recording studio, 3-D printers, interactive whiteboards and simulators. While we were told that each studio was not completely outfitted (particularly the video, photo and recording studios), creatives can expect access to these facilities by mid-March, if all goes as planned.

Here, we document what we saw in each room, so you can see what you might be working with.

How to use the Melrose Center recording studio at the downtown library
ATTN: Local musicians! Record your next album at the … library?

2/8/2014 | Photos by Dave Plotkin & Ashley Belanger