Photos of Universal Orlando thirty years ago, on top on what they look like today


It's a weird time to mark the 30th birthday of Universal Orlando Resort. The park just reopened after months of a pandemic shutdown, with team members and tourists alike in masks and (sort of) practicing social distancing.

Universal fan Bradley Kenobi was feeling nostalgic while planning his Friday trip, so he decided to bring along a little history.

"Today, I walked around Universal Studios with nothing but love in my heart and a few black & white photos of these legends from the past," Kenobi wrote on Facebook, including more than a dozen images of the park way back when it first opened, held up in front of today's rides and attractions, three decades later.

"Gone, But Not Forgotten," wrote Kenobi. "Happy 30th Anniversary Universal Orlando Resort!!!"

Thanks for letting us share your photos, Bradley!

| Photos by Bradley Kenobi