Ben Shapiro gets clowned for comparing voter suppression in Georgia to long lines at Disney


There is no comparison between waiting on line at Disney theme parks and the active attempts at voter suppression going on in Georgia, but that didn't stop the walking "Well, actually" Ben Shapiro from comparing the two on his show.

Georgia recently passed a law making it more difficult to vote in a state whose notoriously long lines to cast a ballot regularly make headlines. In a rant supporting the bill, Shapiro compared the idea of interminably long lines at the polling place to wait times at Disney.

"Voter suppression doesn't involve long lines anymore than long lines at Disneyland are ride suppression," he said. "You know what voter suppression is? Voter suppression is where you don't get to vote."

It's known by now that Ben Shapiro talks fast so that he can get out of the way of his last point before it collapses. But even by his own standards, this particular point is ridiculously shoddy.  Getting beyond the fact that there's no constitutional right to get on Expedition Everest, it doesn't even hold up on its own terms.

People absolutely get discouraged by long lines at Disney and opt not to take part in the process (in this case, chasing Br'er Rabbit through Splash Mountain). The problem is so persistent that Disney has implemented programs on top of programs to expedite the line ranging from Fastpasses to expensive VIP tour programs that allow the particularly wealthy and impatient to skip the line entirely. (In that way, at least, it's fitting).

The social media horde laid into Ben Shapiro for his boneheaded take, taking time to question how he knows anything about Disney rides given their height restrictions. We collected a few of our favorites...

Photo via Instagram/Ben Shapiro.

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