An Omaze sweepstakes winner turned down this $1.6 million Lake Mary ‘dream home,’ so it’s hitting the market


What's the equivalent of checking a gift horse's teeth when the horse is a mansion?

The winner of a recent contest by charity sweepstakes company Omaze found that out personally. Atlanta-based lucky duck Alexa H. was selected to win a "dream home" in Lake Mary. However, she felt that her dreams did not include living in Central Florida, opting instead for the $1 million cash prize equivalent. Lucky for prospective buyers and looky-loos alike, that means her would-be winnings are going on the market.

The 6-bed, 5-bath house features a pool and hot tub with outdoor cabana area, a 22-foot-tall fireplace in the sitting room and an entire room seemingly built around a wine fridge. Chefs of all stripes will get a kick out of the kitchen's dual islands. And, weather permitting, they can take it outside to the fully equipped outdoor kitchen.

The win for Alexa is a win-win for everyone, as Omaze was able to raise over $500,000 for Children’s Miracle Network and the Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. Omaze held an option on the house, that will now revert to the builders. It has yet to go on the market, but is expected to be listed at $1.65 million.

Photos via Omaze.