A Tudor-style ‘castle’ is now on the market in Lake Mary


Central Florida is about as far from merry olde England as you can get. Luckily, modern technology allows us to import ideas from wherever we want while still being within lunch break distance of Beefy King. The sun never sets and so on.

One area homeowner wanted to bring the reign of Henry VIII to our not-so-rocky shores, plopping down a Tudor-style microcastle in Lake Mary. The 4-bed, 3-bath at 3420 Dawn Ct. looks like your average suburban home on the inside: open-concept but still a bit cozy,a fireplace for those one or two nights a year where you might need it, a pool waiting through the back door. The shock of this place comes out front, where a stone turret stands ready to intimidate any passersby on their way to Lake Marietta.

The way into the home is through the turret, behind a large door that we're sure slams shut with a satisfying and slightly threatening clatter. To be the feudal lord of this particular suburb, you'll have to shell out $725K.

Photos via Zillow.