A stunning ode to Orlando’s Orange Blossom Trail through photos


Orange Blossom Trail, aka U.S. Route 441, running 400 miles from Georgia to Miami and running the gamut of rural to suburban, urban to urban blight. The seven-mile stretch that runs through Orlando is a major artery that almost everyone uses at one time or another, but it's also a mini-community all its own.

Local photographer Bryan Soderlind became fascinated with the scenes and characters he passed while driving down South OBT regularly, and so he began casually documenting the sights. In his own words: "Lined with pawn shops, strip clubs, sleazy motels, and sketchy bars, the Trail is a hotbed for seedy characters and criminal activity. People of all races, classes, and backgrounds walk and bike the street to their destination, something very rare in Orlando.  Add this to the mix of eclectic businesses and the Trail just feels ALIVE." Soderlind, one of Orlando's true treasures, created a stunning photo series that captures the spirit of the Trail, his "favorite  road in Orlando."

See the full photo series here. And if you're a fan of Soderlind's work, you might wanna check out his Instagram, @thegoldenbear.

All photos by permission of Bryan Soderlind.

| Photos by Bryan Soderlind