A sea of shag carpet landed this throwback Winter Park home on Zillow Gone Wild


When listings note that the house has been maintained by a single owner for a long time, they want to denote consistency. This is a house that's been cared for, as it was the home of a single person who loved it very much.

Of course, a home that hasn't changed hands also has no pressure to change with the times. Tastes and trends fossilize within the walls and the home becomes a bit of a time capsule. That seems to be exactly what happened with this Winter Park home, a delightful '70s throwback with a commitment to shag carpeting and wacky wallpaper.

The house at 633 Dunraven Drive pops with color throughout, whether via the living room's blue shag, the master bed's lush, carpet or the incredible gold-striped wallpaper in the bathroom. The love of loud was enough to land the house on Zillow Gone Wild, a Twitter account that collects odd house listings. The three-bed, two-bath in Winter Park clocks in at 1,896 square feet. The seller is asking for $425,000 and the listing comes via Patrick Hancock of Thomas Lynne Realty Group.


Photos via Zillow.