A rare ‘Yaca-Dome’ house is now for sale in Florida for $200K


Right now, there are only a handful of Yaca-Domes still in existence, but one is currently on the market in Central Florida.

Named after the late designer Joseph Yacoboni, the spaceship-like homes were built to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes, and were made with a patented white steel-frame, urethane insulation and fiberglass walls that can be rearranged to any configuration without sacrificing the structural integrity.

In 1969, Yacoboni built his first Yaca-Dome in Pittsburgh; shortly after, he and his wife, Carmella, moved to Lake Placid, Florida to build a few more. "Man is not angular, he has no corners," wrote Yacaboni in an ad from the early 70s. "There are no cubes in his natural surroundings. Why then must he live in one?"

The designer originally planned to franchise his dome dream, with small communities in Lake Placid, Fort Myers, and Washington D.C. However, Yacoboni's vision of utopian dome neighborhoods never really caught on, mostly because banks wouldn't give Yacaboni the financing. “The man was far ahead of his time,” said Carmela in a 2014 interview with Pittsburgh Magazine.  “I think today it would have been a go.”

In total, the designer only built 26 Yaca-Domes, and it's unclear exactly how many are still standing. But, now you can own one.

Located at 1609 Bradley Ave, in Lake Placid, this particular Yaca-Dome sports 1,500-square-feet of living space and comes with two bedrooms, and two bathrooms. It also features new appliances, a renovated kitchen, a second floor loft, an oversized corner lot, and it's just footsteps away from Lake Istokpoga.

The Yaca-Dome is currently asking $200,000 and the listing agent is Sarah Whidden of Town & Country Properties Of Florida.

Photos via Zillow

This story originally appeared at Creative Loafing Tampa Bay.