A historic Sanford home is on the market for $350K, and it comes with a literal cave


You'll find all sorts of amenities boasted in the average Central Florida Zillow listing, if you're lucky enough to spot it in the two days before it sells. Gutted homes become "rare opportunities," crumbling homes become "all-original" but there's no exaggerating in the most interesting feature of this historic Sanford home. It's a literal cave.

Before you get to the underground amenities, you have to pass through the more than a century old house. It's been well-kept in that time and is full of modern trappings. Passing through to the backyard reveals a colorful guest house. The current owners are using the property as an Airbnb. A quick walk from the vacation rental takes you to the cave where a staircase leads down into the rock.

The interior of the cave is lit by string lights and boasts a dining room table as well as bench seating. The two homes, cave and lot in Sanford are all going for $350K.

Photos via Zillow.