9 exquisite tastes from Seito Sushi’s 15th anniversary dinner


Last night, Seito Sushi celebrated their 15th anniversary with an omakase dinner at their Baldwin Park locale. Some of you will remember the original Seito in Winter Park Village, which opened in 2000, but what we were served last night hardly resembled the fare served at the original 15 years ago. A nine-course omakase ("chef's choice") menu served up by chef Austin Boyd did owners Jason and Sue Chin proud. I think we all felt privileged to be a part of it. Happy 15th anniversary, Seito Sushi! Here's to 15 more.


1. Baked Glacier Point oyster, sambal froth, nori butter, black tobiko, almond flour
2. Japanese sea bream, pickled sweet peppers, apple, orange gastrique, lemongrass oil
3. Pork belly kakuni, braised savoy cabbage, pickled green beans, Japanese mustard
4. Roasted branzino, lime leaf, kyurizuke, barrel-aged white soy, nuoc cham, house sriracha
5. Salmon tataki, daikon nest, relish, fried garlic, dark tosa soy
6. Tokyo turnip salad, Okinawa potato puree, caramelized mountain yam, bacon miso dressing
7. Beef tenderloin, miso marble potatoes, blistered shishito peppers, ginger-scallion pesto, malbec pho jus
8. Smoked yellowtail toro, uni foam, holy grail, cherry smoke
9. Kabocha bread pudding, sesame butterscotch, ginger-vanilla creme, pumpkin powder, granola


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