50 fantastic photos from the Daily City Pop-up Shop


Last year, we were pleasantly surprised by the wealth of goods we found for sale at The Daily City’s Big Box of Orlando Holiday Pop-up Shop. So much so that we named it Best Pop-up Shop in our Best of Orlando issue this year. We thought we’d have to wait until the holiday season for the next one, but lucky us, it’s already scheduled to set up in some vacant storefront space this week in the SoDo Shopping Center just south of downtown (it’s the big center on Orange Avenue with the Target anchor store). Expect to find some of the same merchants that hawked their wares at the last pop-up shop (Lure Design, Cloak and Dapper, Hog Eat Hog), as well as some new ones (Market Colors, Retromended, Bookmark It and more). Bring your credit cards, because cash won’t be accepted at this one-of-a-kind local shopping extravaganza. – Erin Sullivan

The Daily City Pop-up Shop is set up in SODO until Sunday, Sept. 7.

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09/03/2014 | Photos by Drew Perlmutter