21 historic photos from Paradise Park, Central Florida’s tourist attraction ‘for colored people’


In the days of Jim Crow, African Americans in Central Florida didn't have many places they could turn to for recreation outside of their insular communities. But on one side of the Silver River in Silver Springs, Fla. there was Paradise Park, the tourist attraction "for colored people."

From 1949 to 1969, the park provided a refuge to vacation and forget about the harsh violence occurring in Florida at the time.

Authors Lu Vickers and Cynthia Wilson Graham have put together a comprehensive history on this long forgotten vacation destination in their book, "Remembering Paradise Park." The book features photographs, park advertisements and interviews with employees and patrons.

What you see here are 21 images of the book that incapsulate the historical significance of the other side of the river.

"Remembering Paradise Park" is currently available for purchase at Amazon and Target.