20 of your most exciting shots from Orlando Bicycle Polo


Best Sport You Didn’t Think Was Physically Possible

Orlando Bicycle Polo
1890 E. Church St., facebook.com/orlandobicyclepolo

We all know how to ride a bike (or if you don’t, you at least understand the concept). But have you ever tried to ride a bike with a mallet in one hand while someone else rides right at you and a ball rolls between your wheels? Bike polo is exactly what it sounds like: a sweaty, fun and potentially disastrous activity. It gets safer as you learn to brake left-handed, stop on a dime and switch the mallet between hands while weaving between other cyclists. It’s not a sport recommended for the uncoordinated, unless you’re willing to fall off your horse a couple of times. Orlando Bike Polo welcomes all skill levels with spare mallets, bikes and beer (because everyone falls) and meets every Sunday at 5 p.m. and Thursday at 6 p.m.

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Best Sport You Didn’t Think Was Physically Possible
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