30 awesome concerts coming to Orlando this fall


The 2015 fall concert forecast kicks off mercifully gusty, with blasts from the past in the form of comeback tours featuring pop legends like Janet Jackson and Billy Idol. From there, a heavy front moves in as Motörhead and Helmet roll through town. But it’s not all comebacks (hello, D’Angelo!) and anniversaries (we meet again, Korn). Some of the coolest engagements feature critically acclaimed artists touring on exciting new albums, like KEN Mode, Chvrches and Sufjan Stevens (sob/swoon).

Summer in Florida beats a dead horse every year with entertainment options that can’t always compel you off the couch, but a future full of fresh concerts is nearly within grasp of your clammy hands clutching your life-source/remote in the cold AC. Here are the 20 artists we’re clamoring to see. Take note, then go stick your head in the freezer until summer punches out. - Ashley Belanger