15 Top Reasons to party at Orlando Zombie Ball


Orlando Zombie Ball is not your hacky, store-bought costume party. Some of the most spirited imaginations turn out to vie for our $1,000 costume contest prize. When you first arrive, you're immediately dropped into our maniacal scare zone - which comes from the evil geniuses of Legends: A Haunting At Old Town. Once you survive the spooky stroll, more thrills await as we transform Firestone Live into an eerie funhouse, where AntiGravity Theater's mystical performers dangle overhead and Phantasmagoria's unearthly souls greet you throughout the venue. With VH1 celeb DJ Brian Dawe mixing it up further, for anyone dying to see a fresh take on this season's ghoulish good times, you'd be a fool to miss the mayhem on Wednesday, Oct. 22. Get your tickets here before they disappear.

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