12 dazzling images from the Museum of Art DeLand’s current exhibitions


With an impressive suite of exhibitions kicking off the new year, the Museum of Art – DeLand has carved a space firmly in the center of the conversation about art, architecture, science and color.

In the museum's downtown satellite location, the museum has mounted a terrific retrospective of Richard Anuszkiewicz's work, contributing to the conversation about what art and color really mean. Anuszkiewicz, a founder of  the Op Art movement, is a cult figure in today's digital-art world, acknowledged for having created a sort of Red Bull for the retina. The chromatic vibrations of his dazzling compositions are addictive. (Learn more about this exhibition.)

And in the main facility, the drawings and sculptures of William Crutchfield show a serious artistic rigor while making humorous comment about our uneasy truce with machines. In his drawings and paintings, Crutchfield has perfected a look that echoes some of the evocative, color-washed images of transportation from the 1930s. More intriguing, perhaps, are his sculptures – in the 1970s, Crutchfield began to explore the spatial capability of symbols, creating Escher-like sculptures from a symbol and its reversed form, like an M that transforms into a W. (Learn more about this exhibition.)