10 things that will happen to you before Ebola infection


Our sister paper, Metro Times Detroit, created this slideshow of horrors that we are more likely to befall than getting infected with Ebola. We couldn't resist sharing it with our readers:

Anyone within a stone’s throw of a television screen has been assaulted by the newest threat to mankind: the dreaded Ebola virus. With the recent arrival of the virus in the United States via an unfortunate Texan, the sensationalist news media wasted no time in blowing the severity of the situation completely out of proportion. “Ebola poses little risk to the US population,” Stephan Monroe of the CDC’s National Center for Emerging & Zoonotic Infectious Diseases told NBC. In order to contract the virus, you must come into direct contact with the bodily fluids (blood, saliva, excretion, etc.) of the infected. So unless you go to Texas and let American Patient Zero pee on you, you’re good! However, the media is still acting like we have mere days before the country is laid to waste in infectious devastation. Given Ebola’s difficult transmission and the fact that American Patient Zero has been isolated, the CDC as well as other health experts and organizations have reported that the chance of an Ebola outbreak in the United States is very low, if not virtually non-existent. So while Ebola might not be a threat, here are some things that could happen to you before you’re infected by Ebola, that the media isn’t freaking out about.

Amanda MooneyMetro Times Detroit

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