10 lamest excuses people give the door guy at Will’s Pub


The Cheers-like atmosphere of Will's Pub can instill a false sense of ownership in its devoted patrons, an overextended sense of "This is my bar" or "I keep this place alive."

Many of these types believe themselves above the cover owed at the door when the dive doubles as a concert venue, because they're regulars. And they don't need to check a schedule before they head to "the bar" for "one drink." Maybe they also play shows there and have for years. Maybe it's been decades. (Will's Pub celebrates 20 years in September.) Maybe they really are friends with the owner, the amiable Will Walker, who until recently could frequently be found knocking 'em back and carousing with the customers. Maybe a lot of things people spout to subvert "the door guy" are true.

[Side note: I would wager a full Will's Pub tab that this limply crafty population drastically reduces any time the lovely but intimidating mistress of admittance of Will's Pub, Heather, is perched at the door, her eyes communicating icy-stern boredom so you know instantly she's strictly no-bullshit please.]

But maybe we're all sick of hearing it. Supporting Will's Pub or ANY venue means supporting the bands that support the venue. There's a reason why Will's business model includes live entertainment. You might not be there for the show, but there would be no "there" without the show. Dig? If Will's Pub was just a pub, it wouldn't be your favorite bar. It's a scene, not a setting. And that's why you want to be inside.

I reached out to Will's Pub door guy, comedian and musician Larry Fulford, to hear what lines get used the most while he's manning the entry during concerts. Here's his top 10 lamest excuses people use to get in the door.  - Ashley Belanger

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